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Our Mission

Westlake Preparatory School & Academy will create and secure a safe, comfortable, and peaceable school environment where every student will be provided with the best opportunity to learn in an educational format that provides a high degree of academic engagement, organization, motivation and will demonstrate the importance of becoming lifelong learners to ensure both academic and personal success.

Executive Director’s Welcome


For over 20 years I have enjoyed welcoming new students to Westlake. It was always our intention to make Westlake more than just a school: Westlake was created to be a complete educational and social experience that enriches students for the rest of their lives. We have created an extended family where children, parents, and faculty are all actively involved in our students’ success.

Principal’s Welcome


As Westlake’s Principal and Admissions Director, my goal is to help families make the right school placement for their child. Our admissions policy has always been clear – to bring together a diverse ‘mix’ of students with many different skills: academic, artistic, athletic and social and offer them a significant college preparatory curriculum in a family-centered environment.

Offering Three K-12 Academic Paths

At Westlake, our commitment to combining educational innovation and proven academic traditions assures that regardless of which academic path you choose, our curriculum remains rigorous, relevant to the emerging world, and motivating to our students.

College Prep Program


Introduced in kindergarten and continuing through every grade level to high school graduation, our College Prep curriculum is an integrated approach that recognizes the role rigorous educational standards play in creating both academic and personal success for our students and prepare them to meet our world’s challenges.

Designed to develop every student’s ability to effectively use a variety of methods to learn, speak about, and represent their new knowledge in written form, our curriculum also increases our students’ ability to work with others, plan the use of their time and energy and apply their acquired reasoning capacity to a wide range of academic situations.

Summit Program


To be considered for enrollment in the Summit Program, students must have average to above-average intelligence with a possible learning disability. Summit Program students interact and study as part of the mainstream Westlake Prep school community while receiving individualized attention and instruction using the Summit Program instructional schedule.

Summit Program teachers work collaboratively with the students’ mainstream teachers to ensure that the professionally prescribed classroom modifications are being provided in all educational settings.

Academy Program


Designed to meet the physical and social needs of our select group of students, Westlake Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum for the special needs community. We provide instructional methods for learning intervention that supports a wide range of ESE programs: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Cognitive Impairments, Asperger’s Syndrome, The Acquisition of Language and Communication Skills, Autism Visual and Auditory Processing Concerns, Academic, Pre-academic, Independent Functioning and Socialization Skills Areas.

“Coming to Westlake was the best decision we ever made. We wanted to make sure our son had the best educational experience possible, without compromise. Westlake has given him a renewed sense of achievement that he wasn’t getting in his previous school. The staff goes above and beyond in making sure every child gets the individualized attention they deserve.”

Diane Allen

Westlake Parent

SACS CASI, FCIS Accreditations

Westlake is accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) as well as the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS). SACS CASI provides nationally-recognized accreditation, the purpose of which is continuous school improvement focused on increasing student performance. FCIS is one of only 10 state associations in the US whose accreditation process has been recognized by the NAIS Commission on Accreditation, the international authority on independent school accreditation.

Connect with the classroom.

Westlake utilizes RenWeb’s online information management system in order for parents to keep up with their child’s progress in the classroom and at school. Parents can conveniently access attendance, homework, progress reports, and grades.

Our Faculty & Staff

Meet the team of educators and administrators committed to ensuring the success of Westlake’s students.

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