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The Path to Success Starts at Westlake

At Westlake Preparatory School & Academy, we pride ourselves on being one of the premier private K-12 schools in South Florida. Our customized curriculum allows us to offer three unique academic pathways to ensure our students’ success.

College Prep Program

K-12 college prep curriculum designed for students working towards a standard High School Diploma.

Summit Program

K-12 curriculum designed for students working towards a standard High School Diploma with accommodations.

About Us

What makes Westlake different?

When you visit Westlake for the first time, you will immediately take notice. 

It might be talented, inspirational teachers, taking extra time to help a student after class. It might be the buzz of excited conversations you’ll hear in our hallways, where the sounds of a multi-cultural and vibrant student body resonate throughout the day. You will see students of all ages interact in a positive way with each other and you’ll see the kindness and caring for others. You’ll hear it, and you’ll see it, all around you.

Most importantly, you’ll feel the difference here at Westlake!!

You will see curiosity unleashed, you will see self-pride, self-confident students in a safe and caring environment. The understanding that what takes place at Westlake is special and doesn’t happen anywhere else. At Westlake, you’re family. 

Benefits of a Westlake Education

Students at Westlake receive the best of independent school education. This includes differentiated instruction, both within the classroom and within academic disciplines, to address each individual student needs.  We offer average, above average, honors, and dual enrollment, and special needs classes. We engage our students with supplemental programs that enhance our curriculum, such as, IXL, Membean, Simple Solutions, Scholastic Current events, Scholastic Science and Social Studies Weekly, Khan Academy, Art/Art Appreciation, Music/Music Appreciation, Chess, and Yoga.

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